03, 20, 2020

Retired Fire Captain John Lord As You Wish Talk Radio

ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel

This Week Featuring SPECIAL GUEST: Fire Captain John Lord. This is a must see for all Truth Seekers in The community! John Lord has been performing private Investigations concerning the Suspicious California Fires and reporting the untold truth that he has been uncovering.. John Lord. Enlisted in the US Navy in November 1974 thru Nov 1978 as a navy corpsman. Served with the 1st Marine Division 6/77 thru 11/78 where he received his training as a paramedic. After discharge worked for a private ambulance company as a paramedic in Concord for 2 1/2 years prior to getting hired with City of Petaluma Fire Dept in Sept. 1981. Earned AS degree in fire technology and Bachelors degree in business mgmt., fire officers certification and other associated certifications and qualifications. Retired as a Captain/paramedic in December 2008. Has spent the last several years researching the TRUTH. Show Promo Graphic created by Jason Lee Nation. All HEMP & SATIVA PRODUCTS NOW BACK IN STOCK FOCUS Mind & Body Hemp Extract https://jamesgillilandtm.primemybody.com/prod_RECEPT01 Rest & Relax Hemp Extract Formula - CALM https://jamesgillilandtm.primemybody.com/prod_PINK_CALM01 MUSCLE & JOINT CAREBODY THERAPY https://jamesgillilandtm.primemybody.com/prod_BODY_TH001 NOX Nitric Oxide + Hemp-Infused Skin Rejuvenation Serum https://jamesgillilandtm.primemybody.com/prod_NOX001 ----------------------------------- Check Out All of the Best-Selling Books by James Gilliland: http://eceti.org/books.html ------------------------------------- ECETI - COME SEE FOR YOUR SELF! http://www.ECETI.org ------------------------------------- http://www.ecetiaustralia.org/ JCETI Japan – GREG SULLIVAN http://www.JCETI.ORG/ ------------------------------------- Visit: As You Wish Talk Radio On The BBS Radio Network http://bbsradio.com/asyouwishtalkradio/ ------------------------------------- Please Consider LIKING and SUBSCRIBING to Our Channel. ECETI MEDIA: Peter Slattery | Robert Bergquist | Will Wyatt. AYWTR Producer: Robert Bergquist. #79