04, 05, 2020



From PIKOTARO to the whole world... I made this in a hurry for Smile and Safe hands! Wash it! Smile ! Protect it! Come on, people, let's Wash! Wash! Wash! ピコ太郎から全世界に向けて… スマイルとSafe handsを求めて急遽作りました! 洗え!笑え!守れ! さあ、みんなでWash!Wash!Wash! 【Lyrics:歌詞】 I have a hand I have a soap uh!wash!wash!wash!wash!wash!… I have a soap I have a hand uh!wash!wash!wash!wash!wash!… Clean hand Clean hand uh! Pray for People And Peace We will WIN. ★PIKOTARO Official Twitter https://twitter.com/pikotaro_ppap ★PIKOTARO Official Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pikotaro.off... ★Kosaka Daimaou Official Twitter https://twitter.com/kosaka_daimaou #StayHome #WithMe #家で一緒にやってみよう #手洗い動画