04, 02, 2020

DISH// (北村匠海) - Shape of Love / THE FIRST TAKE


「THE FIRST TAKE」は、一発撮りのパフォーマンスを鮮明に切り取るYouTubeチャンネル。 “音楽とは、何か。一発撮りで、向き合う。” 第35回は、 「猫」のエモーショナルなパフォーマンスがSNS上でも話題になったDISH//からVo.Gt.北村匠海が再登場。 シンガーソングライターさかいゆうが作曲し、 本人も作詞で参加した日常にあった愛を歌ったラブソング 「Shape of Love」をメンバーがこの日のために事前にレコーディングしたアレンジで披露する。 STREAMING&DOWNLOAD: https://lnk.to/C1IFb ■DISH// SNS Official Site:https://dish-web.com/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/dish_info Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/dish__official/ ■DISH// YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/dishSMEJ ■「THE FIRST TAKE」 SNS Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/the_firsttake/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/The_FirstTake THE FIRST TAKE is MUSIC REPORTAGE. — 白いスタジオに置かれた、一本のマイク。 ここでのルールは、ただ一つ。 一発撮りのパフォーマンスをすること。 THE FIRST TAKE is a YouTube Channel dedicated to shooting musicians and singers performing in a single take. “WHAT IS MUSIC. Capturing the essence. In one take only.” Vocalist and guitarist Takumi Kitamura from DISH// returns to our show on episode 35, which went viral on SNS for emotional performance of "Neko (Cat)". The love song based on everyday life "Shape of Love" composed by singer-songwriter Yu Sakai and words by Takumi Kitamura himself will be performed with the pre-recorded special arranged version by the band. A single mic placed in a white studio. There is only rule. One take only. CREDITS — Creative Director / Art Director: Keisuke Shimizu Art Director: Kana Takarada Copywriter: Hiroshi Yamazaki Lighting Director:Kazuhide Toya Director of Photography: Kazuki Nagayama Producer: Kentaro Kinoshita Production Manager: Hinako Arifuku"