03, 12, 2020

Game Theory: He Never Died He NevEr D̳͗Ie̳̱̒̍d̩͆ H̛̞͆͛Ẻ͎̺̊͑͘ N̑͒e̱͌͗VẺ̘r̨̫̖̓̋̃ D̻̘̾̒ỉE͎͚̹͗̽͌d͚͌̕͘

The Game Theorists

SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6 Unmasking the Duck Season Dog! ► https://youtu.be/_0fX0WNMMUo One of my favorite VR horror games is Duck Season, so when the makers of that game came out with Boneworks I was sold! There is SO MUCH hiding beneath the surface of this gam that, of course, I had to do a theory! Today I am going to show you how Boneworks, at its core, is about humanity's search for immortality and the lengths we'd go to just to find it. How does that tie into the strange tale of an evil man in a dog suit from Duck Season? Watch and find out! Get your NEW "We Got Your Back" hoodie! ► http://creatorink.co/lmb Get the games here! Boneworks ► https://store.steampowered.com/app/823500/BONEWORKS/ Duck Season ► https://store.steampowered.com/app/503580/Duck_Season/ Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound. Get A 30 Day Free Trial! ► http://share.epidemicsound.com/MatPat SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► http://bit.ly/1qV8fd6   Hang out with us on GTLive! ► http://bit.ly/1LkSBnz #Boneworks #DuckSeason #BoneworksVR #DuckSeasonVR #Creepy #Scary #Immortality #StressLevelZero #Theory #GameTheory More THEORIES: The Tragedy of Minecraft's Sunken Tomb ► https://youtu.be/EJL13Bl9gS0 The History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods ► https://youtu.be/hHPLAItTLiA The Tragic Story of Minecraft's Zombie Pigmen ► https://youtu.be/jxU0UalndcI Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!  ► https://youtu.be/dLgdbbeXkbk The Lost History of Minecraft's Wither ► https://youtu.be/m-Rmg5AYf8I Credits: Writers: Matthew Patrick Researcher: Justin Kuiper   Editors: Tyler Mascola and Marc Schneider    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy Sound Editor: Yosi Berman Sources:   https://www.reddit.com/r/vive_vr/comments/ea6d8p/boneworks_review_good_but_leaves_you_wanting_more/  https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/12/15/boneworks-review  https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/skeleton-calcium