05, 19, 2019

Fast Travel in Real Life


Fast traveling is a fun concept, but dangerous if mishandled. You can zip around in Fallout all day, put a phone app might not be as reliable as a good ol' Pip-Boy. MUSIC CREDITS: The Hacker - AKIRA DEAD CITY - AKIRA 80s Streets - AKIRA https://soundcloud.com/akira-42 Stomp 5 - Nimal Aon https://soundcloud.com/aonpercussion TES V Skyrim Theme VIDEO CREDITS: Andrew McMurry - Creator https://www.instagram.com/andrewfilms/ Randy - Fast Traveler https://www.instagram.com/rashe3m/ Brett Ihler - Dovahkiin https://www.instagram.com/brihler/ Park Lanford - 80s Travel Dude https://www.instagram.com/parklanford/