09, 10, 2019

Pizza Game - Official Launch Trailer


PLAY PIZZA GAME or TRY THE DEMO! GET IT ON STEAM - https://store.steampowered.com/app/710710/Pizza_Game/ GET IT ON ITCH.IO - https://plasterbrain.itch.io/pizzagame FIND OUT MORE ABOUT PIZZA GAME HERE - https://pizzagame.party/ It's Pizza Game! The world's worst visual novel! You play as Kiane, Flordaddle's least-eligible bachelorette! Can she work her way out of overwhelming poverty, date one of SEVERAL carbon-based life forms, and not get murdered? Probably not! Pizza Game is a full visual novel written and programed by pLasterbrain with art by Brendan Blaber. It has 6 datable characters, 7 routes, and 20 endings! More of a comedy game than romance. Also kind of a horror game really. --- VOICE CAST* Kiane - Kiane King Johnny - Anthony Sardinha Mr. Arimnaes - Tom Laflin Chris - Christopher Gilstrap Warped Lamp - Warped Lamp Sensei, Sav - Brendan Blaber Keen - Michael Howell Roobit - Jād Saxton *Pizza Game does not have full voice acting. This is a Marketing Ruse™ to get you to buy our game, courtesy of Mr. Arimnaes.