10, 28, 2019

Epithet Erased - Official Opening


SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/jelloapocalypse VOCALS + MIX - Cassie Ewulu (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCShq6Ckk5c8CJyfs1X9BY-g) INSTRUMENTAL - https://twitter.com/plasterbrain LYRICS - Brendan Blaber ANIMATION - Powerhouse Animation Studios In the world of Sweet Jazz City a lucky few are born with powers attached to their very souls known as "Epithets". An Epithet stems from a single word attached to a users soul that can grant them any kind of power. Words like “Fire”, “Coupon”... or “Soup". A magical artifact known as the “Arsene Amulet” is rumored to be able to steal an epithet away from its user, and they say it’s hidden somewhere in the Sweet Jazz Museum. Thieves burst down the doors in the middle of the night! Inscribed warriors do battle in the dark of the abandoned exhibits! Dinosaur bones come toppling to the floor! And a little girl named Molly is trapped in the middle of it all. Will her epithet, “Dumb” be enough to save her? Or will her epithet be... erased? Epithet Erased is an ensemble comedy/adventure about farcical crimes and the characters committing them! The show's visuals and storytelling take inspiration from everything to video games, anime, visual novels, crime thrillers, and even westerns to create a truly unique animated experience