02, 04, 2020

Space Force and Official Disclosure of the USAF Secret Space Program

Michael Salla

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) is experiencing a profound shift! In order to aggregate the military’s major space assets under one authority, they are being moved into a new branch under the purview of the USAF. This new branch is to be called “Space Force”. The true purpose of Space Force will be to publicly unveil the most well-guarded secrets in the USAF’s stunning arsenal of exotic spacecraft, unconventional weapons and mind-blowing technologies assembled over the more than seventy years since its official emergence in 1947. The shadowy realm of corporate built aerospace assets sheltered within Special Access Programs (SAP) is menacingly guarded and virtually untouchable behind an unchecked system. Corporate contractors hold the dominate role in designing, building, and running aerospace programs to the extent that even the U.S. military is excluded from access to the most advanced technologies developed in these secretive SAPs. However, now this formidable beast is about to be jerked out of its netherworld and leashed! In March 2018, President Donald Trump began talking about the creation of Space Force, a new branch of the U.S. military that would oversee all military related space operations. While ostensibly designed to harness the overlapping space assets and jurisdictions of the USAF and other military services into one unified command, Space Force has a much grander disguised goal – to deliver the rogue corporate sector into the control of the U.S. military and Office of the President. President Trump’s knowledge of advanced aerospace technologies based on Nikola Tesla’s free energy and flying saucer inventions, acquired through his uncle Professor John Trump, drive the President’s desire to create Space Force. Once Space Force is operational, it can be wielded like Thor’s hammer against major corporations, forcing Executive Office oversight upon all their advanced technologies, including those from reverse engineered captured extraterrestrial craft. The prospects for official disclosure of the USAF’s secret space program and their advanced aerospace technologies will come at just the right moment for humanity to comprehensively deal with looming apocalyptic events.